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NHS Partnerships

SYNLAB is proud to be the pathology partner for many NHS organisations and services across the UK. We work in partnership with the NHS to transform and deliver pathology services to hospitals, GP practices, community services and other healthcare organisations. We perform around 22 million patient tests every year and serve a population of more than 4.4 million people.

Our partnerships bring together NHS clinical excellence with the very best in industry innovation, transformation and technology. We provide the investment, resource and expertise, giving the NHS access to state-of-the art laboratories, equipment and testing.

Investing, Transforming and Delivering Better Value

Over the past decade, SYNLAB has invested millions of pounds into NHS pathology partnerships and services. We have delivered new and refurbished facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, and have implemented best practice, modern IT systems, and more efficient ways of working. We have achieved significant improvements for patients, clinicians and the NHS, such as faster testing turnaround times, freeing up valuable NHS land and estate, and saving up to 20p in every NHS pound spent on pathology testing services.

Access to SYNLAB’s Extensive Network

Our NHS partners benefit from SYNLAB’s global laboratory and diagnostic network, with access to a wide range of clinical and operational expertise as well as research and development to help advance scientific and clinical practice here in the UK. At SYNLAB, we remain committed to sharing our learning and experience to support the transformation of pathology services, not just within our own NHS partnerships, but also across the NHS.

Making the NHS Vision a Reality

The NHS has a clinical vision to deliver ‘hub-and-spoke’ pathology networks across the country to improve quality and efficiency, whilst spending less on testing services. The success of our own hub-and-spoke partnerships exemplifies how working with SYNLAB as a strategic partner can turn this NHS vision into reality.

Integrated Pathology Partnerships

As part of SYNLAB UK & Ireland, our existing hub-and-spoke networks (Southwest Pathology Services and Pathology First) are provided through Integrated Pathology Partnerships (iPP). We established the iPP business specifically to work in partnership with the NHS to consolidate, transform and deliver pathology services.

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