Human Medicine

Introducing our Human Medicine Services

SYNLAB’s specialist pathology laboratories provide a comprehensive range of healthcare diagnostic services, from routine tests such as blood, swab and urine, through to cutting edge molecular and genetic analysis.

Around three in every four healthcare decisions made about a person’s diagnosis and treatment are based on laboratory investigations. This is why, at SYNLAB, we place so much importance on quality, reliability and performance. All our pathology laboratories comply with industry standards and are accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and other bodies relevant to their field of work.

NHS Partnerships

We are proud to work with the NHS (National Health Service) through a number of hospital partnerships. These combine clinical excellence with the very best in innovation and transformation. SYNLAB’s involvement has enabled the NHS to realise a number of benefits, such as major improvements to patient services, better value for money, and access to state-of-the-art laboratories and diagnostic services.

Pathology Services

We provide pathology and diagnostic services to hospitals, specialist centres, GP practices, occupational health and wellness services, private clinics, insurers, corporate customers and other laboratories across the public, private and independent sectors.

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Landmark Day for Pathology Partnership with Launch of Synnovis Brand

A pathology partnership performing 32 million tests a year has been relaunched as ‘Synnovis’ – officially heralding the start of a new era for clinicians…

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Southwest Pathology Services Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

As part of SYNLAB UK & Ireland (‘SYNLAB’), Southwest Pathology Services (‘SPS’) is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its partnership between Somerset NHS Foundation Trust,…

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Pathology laboratory becomes the first in the UK to support remote plate reading  

A pathology laboratory is leading the way in speeding up access to patient care and treatment after becoming the first in the UK to enable…

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