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SYNLAB works closely with private clinics, hospitals, and occupational health / wellness providers to offer a wide range of pathology tests.

Through direct relationships with urologists, SYNLAB enables urologists to add ADXBLADDER, a non-invasive diagnostic test for bladder cancer, to their portfolio of urology tests.


  • Non-invasive urine test – full test kit supplied.
  • Urinary biomarkers can act as a non-subjective method of detecting the presence of bladder cancer cells.
  • MCM5 is a novel biomarker of growth and in normal urothelium expression is restricted to the basal proliferative compartment.
  • In urothelial carcinomas, MCM5 is expressed in all layers resulting in the exfoliation of MCM5-expressing tumour cells into the urine.


The ADXBLADDER test can be used for both initial haematuria investigations as well as post bladder cancer treatment as recurrent tumours can occur.

  • Simple non-invasive urine test for haematuria investigations for patients presenting typical bladder cancer symptoms.
  • Regular post bladder cancer treatment test to monitor any recurrence.
  • Results indicate whether there is possibility of bladder cancer, which can then be followed up with a cystoscopy if required.

For further information on offering ADXBLADDER at your clinic, please contact [email protected].

Any patients interested in bladder cancer testing should contact their clinic / urologist.

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