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SYNLAB Outbreak Service (SOS) provides support for TB testing in the Midlands

With the SYNLAB Outbreak Service (SOS) they provide an end-to-end service for the detection of Latent Tuberculosis (LTBI).  SYNLAB go into the schools to collect the samples; and all parts of the service and analysis are managed by SYNLAB and the results are made available within 5 working days.

SYNLAB has many years’ experience in providing the SYNLAB Outbreak Service (SOS) in schools, colleges, prisons and places of work.

SYNLAB provides LTBI screening using QuantiFERON, this method has the advantages that:

  • It provides a high sensitivity (93%) and high specificity (98.8%) for detecting LTBI
  • It produces fewer indeterminate results than any other IGRA, typically <1.5%
  • Simple ELISA technology provides an effective and cost efficient solution for LTBI screening
  • Independent studies have shown that QuantiFERON  is the most cost effective IGRA assay available

They provide a fully managed end-to-end service including:

  • Planning meetings with a designated TB coordinator during the early stages
  • On-site TB coordinator on the day of collection
  • Sample collection kits including all the required phlebotomy supplies are delivered directly to the site
  • The provision of trained and experienced phlebotomists
  • At the end of the screening session all samples are collected by a dedicated courier
  • All waste material and excess supplies are also removed at the end of the day
  • Fast turnaround-time, results are typically available between 3 to 5 working days
  • Result formats can be modified to meet customer requirements
  • Results can be sent to a secure email address or as paper copy
  • Support and advice is available at all stages of the process to provide a successful outcome

You can read more information about the TB testing in Birmingham here.

Article Date: April 2016

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