Human Medicine:

Point of Care Testing (POCT)

Why wait for the laboratory testing of samples, if you don’t need to? SYNLAB Specialist Services provides packages of tests which can be executed at or near the point of care (POCT) of a patient, often the bedside.

This unique model provides a fully managed POCT service in close partnership with the healthcare provider, such as an NHS Trust, ensuring a cost effective, accurate and reliable service for POCT users, in compliance with the relevant guidelines and best practice.

SYNLAB provides a cost-effective, accurate and reliable service for POCT users, overcoming the traditional problems such as inaccurate analysis, poor record keeping, result interpretation, detection of abnormal results and inappropriate testing. The SYNLAB model addresses the common issues associated with POCT by working in partnership with the service provider to deliver:

  • IMPROVED COMPLIANCE – implementing and maintaining the structure and processes needed to support the service provider to comply with MHRA guidelines and best practice.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – with access to multi-national purchasing power, SYNLAB is able to offer a cost effective solution to support the service provider.
  • INNOVATIVE, CUTTING EDGE SOLUTION – our relationships with suppliers ensure SYNLAB can offer state of the art equipment to support POCT by the service provider, using our experience in POCT to enable the best POCT services to be introduced.
  • COMPLETE SERVICE – we assess the service provider’s needs, set up the service, train staff and provide ongoing support and development throughout the life of the contract to maintain high quality testing for patients.

Point of Care Testing must be undertaken correctly to ensure accurate results and a cost effective provision. This is not always a straightforward process and there are many stages that can affect the quality of results. Analysis must be properly executed; record keeping must be precise, reports need to be carefully interpreted, attention paid to the detection of abnormal results and inappropriate testing.

SYNLAB provides all the necessary ongoing support to maintain the delivery of a high quality POCT service by the Healthcare provider, including:

  • Telephone advice line to support POCT, available Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.
  • Provision of Internal Quality Control (IQC) material for testing and support in compliance with latest published best practice for IQC in POCT.
  • “Real-time” review of IQC results and compliance.
  • Audits of compliance with Standard Operating Procedures / record keeping and IQC / EQA procedures.
  • Enrolment and support in participation in EQA schemes from providers of accredited EQA programmes, in accordance with current best practice guidelines.
  • Oversight of EQA performance, reporting to named governance lead.
  • Support to address any areas of non-conformity.
  • Maintenance of training / competency records.
  • Web based application to support ongoing training and recording.
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